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Understanding Programming Environments [Command Based Programming, non IDE based]

Many times I come across to a situation when a friend of mine would ask me for helping him/her to set up the programming environment. The real trouble that we all generally face is the ability to correlate the programming environment in different operating system. I mean, when someone is told in college/workplace to code a C program in "gedit" and compile it using "gcc" in Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro), he might have have a hard time doing the same on his own laptop or system at home, because he has Windows for gaming, off course.We all know that every Linux distro out there sucks for gaming. Well, gaming apart, this article will help those who have a hard time setting up the identical programming environment on Windows as is on Linux.

Compiler First things first. It is the compiler that will turn your code into something which is executable on the system. By executable, I mean "a.out" on Ubuntu, "a.exe" on Windows, "a.ipa" on an…