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5 Best Free VPN For Android

With the advent of growing internet user base on mobile platform, there comes the issues of growing online privacy. The availability of open and public WiFi networks may ensure that you have a happy stay being online anytime, yet relying on these networks for having something on your social accounts or making  transactions online can be dangerous. There are many methods which you can adopt to ensure your online privacy, while using public networks. VPN ( Virtual Private Network) is one such kind of technology which can help you to have an additional level of security over your connection to have a secure stay being online.

While there are many VPN available for Android, choosing the best free one among them can be confusing and tedious. Thus I have cultivated a list of best free VPNs available out there for Android. Please note that theses app are free to use and may have adds. I have not included the apps which offer a limited time free service.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN ProxyHotspot …