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Top 10 Android Launchers of 2016

Hello Guys! In one of the previous posts, I wrote about some the best custom designed UI (on ROMs)  available for Android. Well for all that you need to root your phone and rooting phones can sometime become really painful, especially if you own a smartphone which is not officially supported by the ROM developer. So now what? If you want to customise the UI of your Android phone without going through all those complicated and time consuming methods of rooting your phone, what'd you do? The best solution is probably to install a custom third-party launcher.
What's an Android launcher? In layman's terms, Android launcher is the end-user app to interact with all the other apps installed on the phone. A typical Android launcher comes with a means (such as an app drawer) to launch the apps along with other features such as homescreen, wallpapers, theming, fonts, transitions and other long bunch of customisation. It's basically a homescreen replacement. When you have a new …

Mi Band 2 Released, has now OLED display.

After a quite successful penetration of Xiaomi's fitness bands in Indian and other Asian market, the company has now recently launched the second generation of Mi Band, the Mi Band 2.