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Top 6 Non Stock Android UI

In this age, when smartphones are becoming a common tech, people often try to find ways that'd pump out the maximum productivity out of these devices, yet keeping things as simple as possible. To meet up with the people's demand, phone manufacturers now days not only seek for competitive hardware specifications but also add a flavour of their own UI over the default android experience. Let it be Asus, adding a layer of its Zen UI over android or the big daddy Lenovo (which recently acquired Motorola) playing its game with its visually impressive Vibe UI, Almost every manufacturer nowadays seem to customize the stock android experience with their own alternative experience. But which UI  among these beats the remaining others in terms of performance, customization and appearance.

6. HTC Sense HTC phones have Sense as their UI. Appearance wise, there aren't many changes that will distinguish it from the stock android. The App Drawer is scrolled vertically (reminds of older N…