It's all about Linux distros.

As we, all know that Windows is not the only OS that is into the mainstream. Yet it’s a fact that Windows powers 93% of the total pc market, it’s not always your OS of choice, considering you have to do more sophisticated and not so common tasks like kernel level programming, editing your OS to its core and all other things that follow. And this is where comes Linux to rescue you from all that sort of limitations and bounding. Linux is an open source Unix-like Operating System, actually “The Linux Kernel” to be specific, which drives your system. Since it’s licensed under GNU licence, Linux has been ported to a variety of different systems and architectures.
Linux Distributions
As already mentioned, Linux has an open source model. This means one is free to use Linux on his/her system in any way he wants. Whether he wants a particular component to be removed or needs some additional features to be built right into the core of OS, he/she can do so by building his/her own custom OS. Now …

Google's Hidden Easter Eggs

For what stuffs do you use Google? You might say for searching the internet, or using its email services. But what I say? I say that I use Google for showing me a full fledged barrel roll, or to flip me a coin. Really.. If you don't believe me then Google for "do a barrel roll". See? It works like charm. If you want to know some more funny tricks then continue reading.
1.Do A Barrel Roll Okay, so this one's a common one. But I'm still sure that many people don't know that your Google homepage can do a barrel roll. To watch this in action, simply go to Google homepage and type in "Do a Barrel Roll" and hell yeah! The search result page will do a barrel roll for you. You can even ask Google to repeat this action an n number of times. Simply specify the 'number of times' you want Google to do the Barrel Roll and it'll repeat it for you.

2.Askew Askew means "not in a straight position" or "tilted". So when you search for…

Understanding Programming Environments [Command Based Programming, non IDE based]

Many times I come across to a situation when a friend of mine would ask me for helping him/her to set up the programming environment. The real trouble that we all generally face is the ability to correlate the programming environment in different operating system. I mean, when someone is told in college/workplace to code a C program in "gedit" and compile it using "gcc" in Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro), he might have have a hard time doing the same on his own laptop or system at home, because he has Windows for gaming, off course.We all know that every Linux distro out there sucks for gaming. Well, gaming apart, this article will help those who have a hard time setting up the identical programming environment on Windows as is on Linux.

Compiler First things first. It is the compiler that will turn your code into something which is executable on the system. By executable, I mean "a.out" on Ubuntu, "a.exe" on Windows, "a.ipa" on an…

5 Best Free VPN For Android

With the advent of growing internet user base on mobile platform, there comes the issues of growing online privacy. The availability of open and public WiFi networks may ensure that you have a happy stay being online anytime, yet relying on these networks for having something on your social accounts or making  transactions online can be dangerous. There are many methods which you can adopt to ensure your online privacy, while using public networks. VPN ( Virtual Private Network) is one such kind of technology which can help you to have an additional level of security over your connection to have a secure stay being online.

While there are many VPN available for Android, choosing the best free one among them can be confusing and tedious. Thus I have cultivated a list of best free VPNs available out there for Android. Please note that theses app are free to use and may have adds. I have not included the apps which offer a limited time free service.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN ProxyHotspot …

Top 10 Android Launchers of 2016

Hello Guys! In one of the previous posts, I wrote about some the best custom designed UI (on ROMs)  available for Android. Well for all that you need to root your phone and rooting phones can sometime become really painful, especially if you own a smartphone which is not officially supported by the ROM developer. So now what? If you want to customise the UI of your Android phone without going through all those complicated and time consuming methods of rooting your phone, what'd you do? The best solution is probably to install a custom third-party launcher.
What's an Android launcher? In layman's terms, Android launcher is the end-user app to interact with all the other apps installed on the phone. A typical Android launcher comes with a means (such as an app drawer) to launch the apps along with other features such as homescreen, wallpapers, theming, fonts, transitions and other long bunch of customisation. It's basically a homescreen replacement. When you have a new …

Mi Band 2 Released, has now OLED display.

After a quite successful penetration of Xiaomi's fitness bands in Indian and other Asian market, the company has now recently launched the second generation of Mi Band, the Mi Band 2.

Mi Drone : A 4K UHD Drone at $456

Chinese Tech Gaint Xiaomi's latest gadget is not a new smartphone or accessory, rather the company has come up with an all new Mi Drone. This is not the first time the company is experimenting with these crazy (rather awesome) gadgets. Remember Mi USB Fans and Lights?

Here's an introductory video on Mi Drone:

Battery  The drone is provided with a 17.4 Volts, 5,100 mAh battery, which will ensure that it is continuously in air for upto 27 minutes, which is pretty good as compared to other drones available in the market.

Camera Mi Drone comes with a 4K Ultra HD camera having 104° wide angle lens, which supports recording of stills in RAW format at a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The Mi Drone can record 720p live videos in low latency from up to 2km distance.

Navigation  For navigation and positioning, it depends on both GPS as well GLONASS technology. The Drone comes with advanced autopilot functions such as automatic landing and takeoff, autopilot through the waypoint on the …